From Classic Navy  654 Crystal Palace vegan nail polish  to  fun denim hues  634 Constant nymph vegan nail polish [limited edition]   and brights  632 Bachelor's Buttons vegan nail polish  these shades can be
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trend report  for the week

trend report for the week

These gorgeous neutrals complement your natural skin tone and elongate your fingers for stylish and understated manicure.
choose from creamy beiges and warm nudes and try opting for  a shade either light or darker than your complexion for a perfect hint of contrast .
Fashion week favorites on  the runways of New York , London and Paris.
PRITI NYC is always 10 free, vegan, cruelty free and gluten free. proudly made in the USA.
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HOW to safely remover gel nails with pritinyc soy nail polish remover in the coronavirus quarantine.

How To Safely Remove Gel Nails with Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover nail tips for coronavirus quarantine

Follow these steps for a safe and effective way to remove gel nail polish:

1. Wash your hands with liquid soap and warm water.  Use a towel to dry.  

2. If needed, use a nail clipper to cut nails or extensions down to your natural nail length.  

3. Use Priti NYC Crystal Nail File to buff the surface of your manicure to remove the shine and hard gel layer.

4. Saturate a cotton ball or round pad with Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish remover and place over the nail.

5. Place foil square under the finger with the cotton ball or round in the center.  Fold the foil square over the top of the nail wrap around the finger, ensuring a snug fit.

6. Let soak for 10 to 15 minutes.

7. With a twisting motion, pull the foil square from the fingernail and gently use the round edge of the Priti NYC Crystal Glass File to slide off the excess gel. 

8. If it does not come off entirely, rewrap the nail and allow for the Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish to penetrate for a few more minutes before gently removing.

9. Use the Priti NYC Crystal Nail file to smooth out the nail. 

10. Rub the nail with a cotton cloth and moisturize with Priti NYC Cuticle Oil with Geranium Essential Oil for a moisturizing nail treatment to ensure hydrated and healthy nails. 
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Self love at home with a step by step  manicure ,  for all of us to practice  in self  isolation or quarantine in the time Coronavirus.

Self love at home with a step by step manicure , for all of us to practice in self isolation or quarantine in the time Coronavirus.

More than ever, this planet and our people need the energetics of love, healing and self care.  We are choosing to stay proactive and positive, so we are sharing our tips to create a salon quality manicure in the safety of your home during this time of self isolation or quarantine.
Before beginning any nail treatment, always make sure to use a clean and sanitized work area.  We recommend have everything ready including towels and positioning your hands and tools on a flat and protected surface.  Now might also be the time to crank up your favorite tunes or play some relaxing spa-like or meditation music.

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Best Nail Polish Colors for Different Occasions

Best Nail Polish Colors for Different Occasions

Just like your outfit or accessories, nail polish has now become a bold fashion statement, and it will always have something to reveal about you. Whether it’s red that immediately gives you that sexy appeal, or nude color that will never fail you anytime you need it or pearly pink that instantly marks you as professional, nail polish colors are just as important as choosing an outfit.
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